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Today Lana Fever from France gives us a show to send the mercury soaring in anybody’s thermometer! First she starts out fully dressed as if to go on a date, letting us enjoy the curvy strength of her stems, which are accented by lacy ankle socks and peep toe platform heels. Laying on the bed, she shows us how limber those legs are, and how her pussy is not encumbered by any panties. After dangling off her shoes, she tantalizes us with her small size 5 feet in her socks, even rubbing her heels against her flowery pussy. We see the pronounced arches of her peds, even as she also shows us her rosebud.
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FILENAME Feverish Over Lana!: Lana Fever-[SITERIP 720p Kink.com Mp4]-DDFNetwork-.mp4
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