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I’m certainly not a real lifeguard; I can’t swim all that well and everybody would drown if I was on duty, said Ashlyn. I’ve had the t-shirt for ages and I wear it a lot, so my boyfriend came up with a whistle when we went to the beach for me to pose. We did do a lot of mouth to mouth on each other, but it wasn’t resuscitation, it was stimulation. There were some boats around and a few people on the beach, so I’m sure they saw what I was doing. I loved that! My boyfriend buys Newcummers magazine all the time, and we look at each issue together, debating about which girls we’d like to have join us in his bed, said Ashlyn. I’d really like to have a threeway with another girl and obviously my guy loves the idea. I had a lezzie thing once with a friend of mine and I liked it a lot, so I’d like to repeat it with another girl and it wouldn’t worry me if my guy watched us and then joined in. I don’t want to have a threesome with two guys because that would only really work if I was into butt sex and I’m definitely not. No way! No how! No thanks!.
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